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  • No crease dives will be allowed

  • Play will be 4, 12-minute quarters running time

  • The clock will start/stop in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter only if the score is within 3 goals

  • There will be an 80 second shot clock upon gaining possession. Clock will restart to a new 80 seconds on officials “Reset” call (Note; clock will not reset to 60 secs.)

  • Each team will be allotted 1 timeout per half

  • Timeouts do not carry over

  • Faceoffs will be Standing Neutral Grip only

  • Penalty time is always start/stop and will be kept at the scorer’s table

  • Break between quarters is 2 minutes, 5 minutes at halftime

  • Overtime will be a 5 minute sudden death period

  • In overtime, each team will be allotted 1 timeout per overtime period. Timeouts in OT do not carry over

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